Remote Learning FAQs

In answering the questions below, we hope to give you an understanding of our approach to remote learning for students whilst face to face teaching is not possible and why we have adopted it. 

How will students know what they have to do? 

We use Frog, our Virtual Learning Environment, to set students their assignments alongside Hegarty Maths. They should check this on a daily basis, as well as their school e-mail address. Invitations to live lessons that take place will come through their email and into their calendar, and it is also a useful way to contact teachers to seek clarification or to submit work where this is requested. To access Frog, all you need is internet access. There is also the MyFrog ‘app’ that students can use on their phone. We have asked subject teachers and departments to provide work that should: 

  • be set in-line with timetables using Frog assignments. Instructions will be provided by teachers as part of the assignment; 

  • offer the opportunity for formal assessment and feedback, in line with department assessment policy and statutory guidance. This could be through the file drop facility, Frog feedback, using the text box or by some other means. 

How much work should students have to do? 

We have asked teaching staff to set the work that would have been completed in lessons that week. It is apparent that student productivity at home can vary greatly and work will be modified to be appropriate for home learning but teachers and pastoral staff will challenge and support those who fail to engage.  

How will new subject content be taught remotely? 

We will be making use of a mixture of narrated PowerPoints, Oak Academy lessons, BBC Bitesize resources and Live Sessions to teach new content over the coming weeks. There will not be a movement towards an entire school day of Teams sessions simply because this does not appear to be the most effective technique to use in isolation. What seems to be important, based on recent research, is that this variety of remote learning opportunity, alongside regular events such as assemblies that help instil a sense of shared purpose, is the best method at present. This is a provision that is developing, however, and we will constantly review our practice, as ever, to ensure that the best possible provision is provided. 

What can students expect in terms of feedback from their teachers? 

We have asked our teachers to put feedback at the very forefront of everything they are doing at the moment simply because, as the weeks go by, this is the only way we are going to foster student enthusiasm, engagement and motivation. For how to access feedback, please see ‘A Parent’s Guide to Remote Learning’. 

What should students do if they have difficulties with their work? 

Students should make contact with their teachers using their school email account if they need any further advice, support or guidance with regards their remote learning. This may be to ask questions about the content or the tasks that have been set or because they have been asked to communicate with teachers as part of the assignment. Please remind them that is not acceptable to simply not complete a task- they must always email the relevant teacher for assistance. 

What do we do if we can’t access Frog or Outlook? 

The number to call for IT support is 01912361715. You can also email Mr Fryer on 

Many thanks for all your support.

Mr Fryer