Remote Learning Strategy at North Gosforth Academy

Our strategy here is to provide a clearly structured programme of remote learning that offers our students breadth, depth and variety throughout a working week.

We want regular student contact and feedback to be at the centre of everything we do with regards to remote learning.

We emphasise the importance of routine, appropriate space and breaks

Work will be set directly in line with daily student timetables that can be found on Frog and will be focused on learning rather than simply the setting of tasks. It is suggested that students begin work at the usual time and complete assignments in-line with their scheduled lesson time. In the event of unfinished work, they should submit what they have done and move on to the next learning task so that they can keep up-to-date easily and don’t fall behind. We want students to feel happy and supported throughout this difficult time.

We want students to work in a quiet, calm space where they feel comfortable and away from distractions, where possible. They should take breaks and lunchtimes in line with the school day and have plenty of rest from the screen wherever possible. They should finish at 3.10pm, as usual and make sure that they rest and unwind at weekends and at half term.

We provide easy access to work and feedback on Frog and Microsoft 365

All students will be working on Frog so that they can easily access learning tasks but also so their feedback can be central to maintaining engagement and motivation. They should also be logging in to their school email so they can make regular contact with teachers and can also access Live Sessions (see parent guide). We provide IT support between 9am and 2pm on 01912361715.

We run Live Sessions and understand the importance of community

After a successful trial period, many teachers are now ready to begin teaching live lessons on Microsoft Teams. This is a way of offering real variety and interest to our remote learning and will give students the opportunity for some vital live contact with their teachers. Our aim is that, over the course of a working week, students will receive a varied mixture of Frog learning assignments and live sessions to help them stay motivated and engaged- this will be supplemented by regular assemblies. Please note that there is no evidence to suggest that delivering a curriculum exclusively over Teams is advantageous in any way but there is plenty of evidence to show that variety of learning opportunities, along with keeping a sense of shared purpose alive through regular assemblies, works really effectively.

We thank all families and households for their continued support- this is probably the most important factor in keeping our students going in such difficult circumstances.