Governance at North Gosforth Academy

North Gosforth Academy is governed by the Trustees for the Gosforth Group. We have our own Local Advisory Group which is currently shared with Callerton Academy (CA)

The Academy Advisors are:-

Cherri Blissett

David Bowes (Safeguarding link)

Julie Crumbley (Chair and SEND Link)

Andrew Foster

Nick Girdler

Stacy Jones (CA Staff)

Teresa Sung-Mi Kim

Helen Miland

Saltanat Moldakhmetova (CA Parent)

Susan Pike (NGA Staff)

Jackie Salmon (NGA Parent)

Adam Steinmetz

Sarah Welford (NGA Parent)

Hugh Robinson Ex-officio

Pete Fox Ex-officio (NGA)

Katie Innes Ex-officio (CA)

Anne Jobson, NCC Governor Services

Any correspondence for the Advisory Group please address care of North Gosforth Academy.