School Uniform

School Uniform

We are proud of our School and ask that our students wear their uniform with pride.

Uniform is compulsory and must be worn by students at all times in school. Please see below for the current uniform which you can purchase online at or at their shop (see map here). 


We have a uniform recycle scheme at the academy and ask parents to donate any unwanted uniform to us so that it can be redistributed to families who may need it. Throughout the year we have opportunities for good quality second hand uniform to be available for parents to take home.

• Academy sweatshirt with school logo.
• Academy polo shirt with school logo.
• Black trousers (see note 1).
• Black shoes (see note 2).

• Academy sweatshirt with school logo.
• Academy polo shirt with school logo.
• Black trousers or black skirt (see note 1 and 3).
• Black shoes (see note 2).

1. Trousers: School trousers for both boys and girls should be traditional formal black dress trousers. They should not be denim, leggings, linen or cargo-type. Likewise they should not be skin tight and should not resemble jeans. The school is aware that some shops are now advertising and selling ‘school uniform’ trousers that do not match our definition of formal dress trousers. We ask that parents/carers check this carefully before making purchases. See attached sheet.

2. Shoes: Students are required to wear smart, plain black, formal school shoes/ankle shoes. Shoes must be polishable over their entire surface with a traditional sole and be plain black and carry no logos. Black trainers that have the appearance of school shoes are not acceptable. Trainers are not permitted unless there is medical exemption from a doctor. The school reserves the right to determine what shoes are acceptable designs. Parents should be aware that many retailers advertise school shoes which are not in line with the school’s expectations on footwear. We ask that parents/carers check this carefully before making purchases.

School Uniform at North Gosforth Academy

3. Skirts: Skirts must be knee-length and tailored.  No stretch material or skin-tight material is permitted. Please wear black, plain tights with skirts. See attached sheet.

4. Belts: No wide or coloured belts with large buckles or logos.

5. Jewellery: The only jewellery allowed to be worn in school is a watch and one plain ear stud in each earlobe only. No other facial or body piercing is allowed in school. For obvious reasons of safety and risk of personal loss, jewellery other than these should not be worn to school.  Should a student choose to wear items of jewellery the school will confiscate these items, parents/carers will be expected to collect these from school.

6. Make-up: Excessive make up is not permitted. Subtle make up is acceptable and should be natural in colour. Excessive make up must be removed.  School will determine what is believed to be excessive make up.  Alongside this false eyelashes and false tan are not allowed.  Likewise, fake nails/nail extensions/nail varnish are not permitted.

7. Hair: No extreme hairstyles (e.g. shaved sides, razor-cuts or Mohican-style) no unnatural colours, blocks, stripes or extensions. The school reserve the right to determine what is considered “inappropriate”;

8. Outdoor coats: Students should wear an outdoor coat that is appropriate for the weather conditions.  Outdoor coats should not be worn indoors and should be removed prior to entering the school building.

9. Bags: It is a requirement that every student should have a school bag large enough to fit an A4 ring binder.  This is to ensure that they can carry PE kit and all the books and equipment they need for the school day.  Bags should be marked or labelled with the owner’s name.


PE kit

  • Sky blue polo shirt with school logo on.
  • Royal blue sweatshirt with school logo on.
  • Navy or black shorts.
  • Navy or black tracksuit bottoms.

Food Technology

  • Apron (essential) – Aprons are available from Emblematic but any apron is acceptable

Uniform will be checked by staff on a daily basis. If your child attends school in non-uniform items without suitable explanation from a parent/carer (by telephone/letter), sanctions will be imposed.