Staff Contact List

Staffing from April 2021

North Gosforth Academy Senior Team

Pete Fox | Principal

Helen Tully | Deputy Principal

Ian Cooper | Assistant Principal – Pastoral

Mark Fryer | Assistant Principal – Teaching & Learning

Alexis Lindner | SENDCo


North Gosforth Academy Curriculum Leaders/Assistant Curriculum Leaders/Lead Teachers

Richard Ayre | Curriculum Leader for History

Chris Ayres | Lead Teacher for Achievement

Finlay Davidson | MAT Chinese Programme Lead

Joy Doble | Assistant Curriculum Leader for English

Emma Francis | Curriculum Leader for Business, Computing

Steven Gillender | Curriculum Leader for Technology and Art

John Graham | Curriculum Leader for Geography

Charlotte Hodgson | Assistant Curriculum Leader for Science

Alan Houldsworth | Assistant Curriculum Leader for Maths

Helen Willis | Curriculum Leader for Science

Neil Jones | Curriculum Leader for Physical Education

Lindsay Orrick | Curriculum Leader for English

Rachel Smith | Lead Teacher for Pastoral

Gillian Stewart | Curriculum Leader for Maths

Katherine Storey | Curriculum Leader for MFL

Paul Wilson | Curriculum Leader for Music


Pastoral Staff

Debbie Blenkinsop | Head of Year 10

Steven Spence | Head of Year 9

Alice Walledge | Head of Year 8

James Brooks | Head of Year 7

Sophie Ritchie | Lead for Transition

Judith Hay | Student Data and Attendance Officer


Learning Support Staff

Alexis Lindner |SENDCo

Glynis Greenwood |Senior Learning Support Assistant

Lorraine Aynsley | Learning Support Assistant

Amy Rutherford |Learning Support Assistant

Chloe Smith |Learning Support Assistant

Oliver Dowling |Learning Support Assistant

Kemi Ritchie |Learning Support Assistant

Matthew Langley |Learning Support Assistant

Mark Crooks |Apprentice Learning Support Assistant