Work Experience

Every pupil should have first-hand experiences of the workplace through work visits, work shadowing and/or work experience to help their exploration of career opportunities, and expand their networks.

By the age of 16, every pupil should have had at least one experience of a workplace, additional to any part-time jobs they may have. By the age of 18, every pupil should have had one further such experience, additional to any part-time jobs they may have.


Why is it important for you?


•Gain skills

•Gain experience and get an insight

•Make a good impression with potential future employers

•Gain confidence

•Build up your CV

•Learn about the world of work

•Learn about yourself

•Get motivated

•Learn about the real world



How do I apply?


Complete the pre-placement survey (found on the Frog careers site under work experience)

You might already know what you would like to do, or what area of employment you would like to get involved with, you might not.

Consider the subjects that you enjoy most and your strengths

Research possible placements

Discuss what you want to do at home and with your form tutor

Complete the Futureworks paperwork and hand it in as soon as you can Your work placement – your choice •Work experience needs to be about YOUR needs. It is better to find a placement that suits you, rather than just be given one.

Form tutors will be there to help – keep them in the loop.


When is it?


Final week of this academic year (July)


What can I do?


You can apply to do any kind of work. The most important factor is whether the company has insurance.

For insurance purposes unfortunately you cannot have a placement with a small company run by a family member. Speak to Mr Fryatt if you need clarification.

Once you have been in contact with an employer and been given the go-ahead, fill in the form and hand it in to your form tutor. Our partner (Futureworks) will then process the form and let us know if the company has insurance, has been inspected, and whether the placement can happen.