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New Ofsted Rating Announcement

Date Published:
Friday 24 June 2022

Dear Parents & Carers

You will be aware that our school was inspected by Ofsted towards the end of April. 

We are pleased to announce the result of this inspection sees our school rating improve from Inadequate (rated in in 2015, then known as Seaton Burn College) to Requires Improvement.  This Ofsted rating aligns with where we track ourselves against our own improvement plan.  The report itself will be made available on our website today.

Since joining the Gosforth Group in 2018 we have been on an upward journey and I am proud of the achievements we have made to date.  Although there is still work to be done, it is encouraging to see some of the improvements we have made included in the report.  We are heading in the right direction with this Ofsted rating improvement.

On the day, our pupils did an excellent job of being our school ambassadors, answering Ofsted inspector questions with confidence and we’d like to say thank you to them.  The report comments that inspectors found our students to be polite and respectful.  It is pleasing to read both our student feedback and Ofsted’s observations within the report:

  • Staff and pupils say that the school has improved dramatically in recent years
  • If pupils do have a problem or concern, they trust staff to resolve it quickly
  • Pupils are congratulated by senior leaders on their achievements
  • Pupils speak warmly about the support they receive from staff

The report provides valuable feedback and highlights the steps needed to take our school forward and I can confirm these steps were already identified within our school development plan which has not changed as a result of the inspection.  Again, it is encouraging to read what Ofsted thought about our teaching, leadership and planning for the future:

  • Leaders have a clear vision for the school and are determined to continue its transformation
  • Leaders are clear about areas of development for the school
  • Those responsible for governance are passionate about helping the school to improve.  They have a wide range of skills that support the school in its aims
  • Curriculum planning in subject areas, such as mathematics, English and Languages is well developed
  • Lessons are delivered by knowledgeable and passionate teachers
  • Lessons visited were calm and orderly

Our priority remains to be the wellbeing of our students, the delivery of high quality education for all and to provide a safe and supportive learning environment.  We all strive to deliver the very best we can for our students at North Gosforth Academy.

We appreciate the support of our school parents/carers and are committed to sharing our Improvement Plan with you in due course.  This will be made available on our school website and will be updated across the next 12 months. 

Yours sincerely

Mr P Fox


Staff regularly praise pupils for their work. Students are polite and respectful. Lessons are calm and orderly.