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Design Technology

Key Stage 3

Design Technology in year 7 is project-based learning and aims to be an enjoyable way for the younger students to put into practice their core skills when being resilient, industrious, curious and honourable. The projects include health and safety in the workshop, technical drawing skills, design and make a plastic key fob and making a wooden desk tidy.

Design Technology in year 8 is also project-based learning but the project itself is much bigger in order to give the students a flavour of what GCSE Design Technology is like. They will conduct research in order to get ideas, draw some initial ideas, learn how to use computers to develop these ideas and create a final proposal. They will then make their model out of a combination of wood, metal and plastic then paint it. Finally this project will be evaluated. Assessment occurs at the end of each important section throughout the project.


Key Stage 4

Design Technology involves students designing and making products using wood, metal, card, textiles and plastic. The variety of and complexity of each project is dependent on individual ability and choice. GCSE projects have included MP3 docking stations, coffee tables, electric lamps, jewellery or tool boxes, bird feeders, activities that promote healthy living or even educational toys.

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In Design Technology, students are taught knowledge and construction techniques relating to making products in wood, metal, plastic and card.  The design skills learnt in key stage 3 such as drawing a range of ideas and using Computer Aided Design are developed in this course. 

In year 9 you will start by designing and making a small storage box. This is followed by a series of small projects based on materials and processes.

The Year 10 curriculum continues to develop skills when designing and making through small project work. Such skills based projects will continue until June when the Controlled Assessment begins.

Throughout years 9, 10 and 11 students will learn about what happens in the world of design outside of school. Such theory is delivered and supported by homework to maximise the amount of time spent in the school workshops.

Therefore a challenging, rigorous and regular programme of homework is set and expected of the students.

Students at North Gosforth Academy

Skills developed
Students are encouraged to sketch innovative ideas and draw their designs to high standards using various graphic presenting skills such as sketching, technical drawing, modelling and CAD. Research, analysis and evaluation are essential skills taught to complete the controlled assessment as a design folder with a practical outcome.

Safe and proper use of tools and machines will be taught in order for you to manufacture your products. A range of construction and finishing techniques will be practised and will include:
woodworking with hand tools, joinery, carpentry, using wood lathes, using power tools, brazing, welding, joining metal with different components, forging, bending plastic, vacuum forming, varnishing, painting, dip coating and more.

Knowledge of design, manufacture, materials, ergonomics, industrial practice, market influence and applied mathematics are threaded through the GCSE course in preparation for the final exam.

GCSE Assessment
Controlled Assessment - 50%   |   Examination - 50%