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At North Gosforth Academy, we are passionate about science learning because it holds the key to explaining the world around us. Through the study of science, students delve into the process of scientific inquiry and learn to appreciate how scientific knowledge has the capacity to evolve in response to fresh evidence. As students learn about science, they gain insight into the myriad applications of science and its relevance to their own lives as well as to society as a whole. Science learning highlights the many historical breakthroughs which have shaped humanity, such as the advent of antibiotics and vaccines, as well as the contemporary imperative of science in addressing pressing global issues such as climate change, energy transition, food security and continued improvement in public health.

Our aim at North Gosforth Academy is to equip students with the foundational understanding necessary to pursue advanced scientific studies once they leave school, as well as to embark on diverse careers within the realms of STEM, if they so wish. These professions are not only vital for economic prosperity but also play a pivotal role in fostering environmental sustainability and societal advancement.

Key Stage 3

Our curriculum adheres to the National Curriculum for science but adapted and tailored to suit the needs of students at North Gosforth Academy. The core Biology curriculum encompasses the following major topics: Cells; Heredity and life cycles; Organisms and their environments and Variation, adaptation and evolution. In Chemistry, students are taught about Substances and their properties; Particles and structure; Chemical reactions and Earth chemistry. Physics instruction includes the study of Matter; Forces; Energy; Electricity and magnetism and Space.

Teachers follow the NGA approach to deliver lessons, focussing on development of key scientific vocabulary and using evidence-informed diagnostic questions to address the many misconceptions that commonly arise in science learning. Teachers aim to engage, encourage, and challenge pupils as they develop transferrable scientific skills, including practical skills.

Key Stage 4

During Key Stage 4, students at North Gosforth Academy build on the foundational knowledge and skills acquired during Key Stage 3, progressing towards the attainment of two GCSE qualifications by following the AQA Trilogy Combined Science course. Alternatively, students demonstrating higher academic aptitude may opt for the AQA Separate Science route, beginning in Year 10, and culminating in the achievement of three Science GCSEs.

The thematic content covered in Key Stage 4 aligns with that of Key Stage 3, but with a higher level of depth and complexity. In addition, students study Health and Disease, Homeostasis, Chemical bonding, Quantitative chemistry, and Radioactivity. There are also a number of mandatory practical activities which help students develop their working scientifically skills.

The science GCSEs are linear examination courses and students are assessed through six written examination papers at the end of Year 11. These assessments encompass a variety of question formats, including multiple-choice, structured, closed short answer, and open response, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of students' understanding and application of scientific principles.

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