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Science at North Gosforth Academy

Key stage 3 science

Our Key stage 3 is broadly based on the AQA program of study as the first part of a 5 year curriculum. We follow a mastery approach, meaning that application of knowledge and ideas is highly valued, as is a strong work ethic and a Growth Mindset.

Curiosity for the world around us is encouraged through 10 big ideas: energy, waves, matter, reactions, earth, organisms, ecosystems, forces, electromagnetism and genes. 

Students are expected to plan, solve and analyse in a series of investigations throughout the key stage.

Key stage 4 science

At Key stage 4 students continue with the 5 year curriculum following a combined science or separate science path when appropriate. Learning encountered at key stage 3 is now developed and deepened to challenge students as well as meet the demands of GCSE. Students learn to apply observational, modelling, and problem solving skills in familiar and unfamiliar contexts. Specific practical activities are carried out which helps develop scientific skills and prepares students for further study or jobs in STEM subjects. An ELC course in year 9 is used to support students who require more of a bridging course to GCSE.

Triple and Combined Science both offer a progression route to A levels and equivalent qualifications in science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Science.

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