The Hive

The Hive was established to enable students who are facing difficulties to maintain their curriculum. It provides a caring and nurturing environment which allows students to explore barriers to their learning and also discover a love of learning.

The aims of the Hive are to:

  • Help students re-engage with their curriculum by helping them recognise their barriers to learning and giving them strategies to succeed in the classroom.

  • Provide a safe place for our most vulnerable students in particular those with acute SEMH needs.

Why might a student be referred other than for the reasons outlined?

Vulnerable students who may struggle to access lessons due to safeguarding/family circumstances or those who may be disapplied from subjects, to work on relevant curriculum tasks with the support of the Hive Manager.

The Hive may be used by students who have accessibility and medical issues to lessons which will allow them to complete work, provided by their subject teacher, to be completed.